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The bugged phone from the Watergate office of Democratic Party official Spencer Oliver.Placed on the phone during a May 1972 break-in, the bug was the only device that worked. 1972, led to the capture of Richard Nixon’s Watergate burglars.This effort poses a direct threat to the security of the dollar.To recap, the petrodollar is weakening because the dollar is losing power as the world’s reserve currency.Over the past decade, many Americans, in and out of uniform, learned how to say “Petraeus.” Most journalists even learned how to spell it.

This is due to an agreement between Saudi and the U. Beginning about 15 years ago, China ceased being self-sufficient in oil, and began buying Saudi oil. dollars and not yuan, which perturbs China’s leaders.It will conclude by examining the study’s limitations and by presenting the chapter structure that will build up the core argument of the research.The chapter intends to familiarize the reader with the historical context of the core issue the thesis examines.1.0 Introduction In March 2003, the US attacked Iraq for the second time in just over 12 years.As Jeffrey Record points out in Dark Victory, the war was cheap in American blood; short and militarily decisive.[1] Yet the latter developments of the invasion sparked many a debate about the moral reasoning behind it, and in fact made the invasion a benchmark of what not to do before, during and after a military campaign.

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