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: Suze Randall EPISODE: Episode 1, "Women on Top"WHAT'S HER STORY?

: The elder Randall is a veteran erotic photographer who was Playboy's first female photographer. You can take total advantage of the men if you've got the balls to do what you want, to do it better, to do it harder, and you're also cute ...

This week’s scandal on involving allegations of sexual misconduct between cast members De Mario Jackson and Corinne Olympios, demonstrates the risks that both cast members and producers face when they sacrifice safety and self-interest on the altar of reality-TV spectacle.

For those just tuning in, news broke Sunday that suspended production pending investigation of “misconduct” on the set in Mexico.

The show, which aired first on the BBC this summer, retains the intimacy of theater by telling the story entirely from Fleabag’s perspective.

She breaks the fourth wall constantly, making jokes and offering commentary so that the viewer becomes her confidante.

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HER TAKE ON THE INDUSTRY: "I've got the stigma of porn attached to me.

As much as I'm not ashamed of what I do for a living, there are a lot of people who view what I do for a living in a much different light than I do." Photo: Netflix WHO'S THAT GIRL?

I’ve never done that before, I never really wanted to do it. Her kind of sex addiction, I suppose if it is that. So it was just me and the audience, on a stool, and her just telling the story of three days in her life.

It’s terrifying, but having accepted the challenge I thought, you know, I’ve never played, as an actress, I’ve never played a part that’s just shamelessly dangerous as a woman, and she’s like, I know I’m dangerous. So it’s not autobiographical, but it is personally driven. But the character was presented as slightly stand-up-y. In the beginning she’s just talking about her sex life and she’s very confident and she’s just unapologetic about how sexually voracious she is.

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