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The changelog of v20.0.015: Now you will never get a failure message when you open too much applications, the new firmware enables demand paging! The new N-Gage platform is also included: with 2 demo-games “Fifa 07” and “Asphalt 3”: Fifa 07 for the soccer-fans among us: The music player menu is in a new order… Today I´ve downloaded this new version and now I´ll bring a little review to you.I’m not sure what changes this brings, I’ll update as I find out. @Micky Fin via @gerrymoth Hey, thanks for reading my post.My name is Jay and I'm a medical student at the University of Manchester.I'm thinking about updating my firmware on a vodafone n95 8gb. I know the proceedures & all that but does your vodafone software get deleted i.e vodafone live settings etc i backed up my phone also. Dont know why i bother upgrading my firmware anyways.Be aware with all these hacks that there is always the possibility of bricking your phone and always back up all your info before updating your phone.function that frees up to 30 MB of RAM after booting can be noted as a serious enhancement.

The music player itself is in a totally new design: the music player got one new visualization called “circles”: This is how it looks: finally there is the new version of “Maps” included…

The new camera software makes taking pictures much faster…

I'm running V 20.0.016 at the moment the same as when I bought the phone.

Heya Just finished updating the firmware of my N95 to and its awesome, phone is A LOT faster, and from the internet it looks like there is a lot of free memory left with this release Was quite a mission to update as their newest software updater doesnt support vista after a few people's phones were bricked!

PS back up and write down your settings before updating, you loose everything!

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