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Matt also gives his own perspective on their relationship and how he felt it should have been handled.Things got a little heated between Matt Barnes and Melyssa Ford while on air, and Matt talks about his plans after basketball.Rihanna recently celebrated her birthday, while ex-boyfriend Chris Brown did not mind following Riri's closest friend Melyssa Ford on Instagram.Lots of artists, rappers, and celebrities greeted Rihanna on her birthday last Monday. The earlier mentioned source added that Chris Brown has been busy going out with several women. On the other hand, it seems like he really has no luck in finding the right relationship.Will Patti be able to pull shy guy Larry out of his turtle shell and make a hunter out of him?Patti’s second client this week is Melyssa Ford, star of Bravo’s and former music video vixen."Jenna is very different on the show, she is more like Dr. Patti also says that she made some solid friendships through the entire process this season -- and one of her new pals is none other than fellow Bravolebrity, Sonja Morgan!

First, he may be trying to win his ex-girlfriend back. However, the 27-year-old male singer denies this issue. Tran stated in her claims that Brown has threatened to kill her. However, they have decided to put an end in their relationship last year.

This stunning 38-year-old realtor has built an empire on her sexuality, but now she thinks that is all men see in her.

Can Patti help Melyssa learn to lead with her brains and not her body so that she can find a solid relationship?

On the other side of the spectrum, Patti had a hard time getting some of her younger celeb bachelors to settle down, especially TMZ alum Max Hodges and "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Chris Manzo. "They have no urgency to settle down and Caroline [Manzo] and I were screaming at Chris going 'Come on!

Your sister has somebody, your brother has somebody. ' But he doesn't feel the wake up call, he doesn't have that biological clock going," she continued. Max's mom got on the phone with me and she's a hippie! Namaste, babe."But Patti did have a secret weapon: You Tube sensation Jenna Marbles helped Stanger put the boys in check! He was all 'OK I want to find love, but if I don't find love that's OK too.' But when you got into his head, he psychoanalyzes you as you are psychoanalyzing him. It was harder for me to get on the road of, 'this is my house you are going to listen to me.' You can't dominate Max.

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