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In other words, prevention is the best cure so you need to make sure that your installed security product is up to the task at all times.

If you are still looking for such a software solution, you can try .

To this extent, Malwarebytes, formerly known as Malwarebytes anti- malware, ranks as the best deal. It operates on a variety of operating systems that include Windows, Mac, and Android.

A Privacy option then scans your apps to check on their privileges, and reports on these by category.

We had six apps which could "access text messages", 8 which were able to "monitor calls", and 6 that could cost us money.

They include shutdown issues in Windows 7 and conflict with Kaspersky Common uses How to solve the problems encountered when using Malwarebytes key In the first case, where the program setup closes when you attempt to install it, try renaming the setup file. In the second instance, try renaming the setup file too.

Where the program refuses to run, it would mean that there is an infection that is blocking the program from starting.

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