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Abel Keogh sits for a portrait at his home in Eagle Mountain on Tuesday, Dec. Dating A Widower, Keogh's latest book, discusses the unique challenges of having a relationship with a widow.

JAMES ROH/Daily Herald The holiday season can be especially challenging for those who have lost a spouse, but as the season revolves around hope and love, widows and widowers should have hope for the future and may find love in unlikely places.

Celebrating Megan's birthday and their wedding anniversary...

When you become a widower, it chases away all you thought life was going to be.One of the most surprising things to come out of Drew's death for me has not only been to find someone new, but for that person to also be widowed.This isn't something I ever expected to happen, and it's given me the unique opportunity to be on the other end of widowhood in a way I honestly never imagined I would be.Dating a widower has helped me to see just how easy it is to love someone – no matter how complex their circumstances.In a few weeks, Mike will have several big milestones.

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