Dating your ipod

Still there are plenty of people who prefer to watch movies on an i Pod video player.However, getting video saved on a computer isn’t always easy.Before watching videos on a smartphone was an everyday occurrence, for many the portable video player of choice was an i Pod.Four years after Apple launched the i Pod, several iterations had perfected what the device could do.There’s no need to be intimidated, it’s a lot easier than you might think.Assuming you’re not shooting your own videos, which you can do with some i Pod models, there are many websites where you can watch free videos online.It was able to carry music, photos and video that could be played in the palm of your hand then.

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Every once in a while an awful bug is discovered that can crash an i Phone, render it nearly useless, or rarely, worse.

The worst scenario applies here, because it turns out you can completely destroy an i Phone and make it inoperable by simply changing the devices date to a specific time and date far in the past.

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