Azuba liquidating trust

・“Case where Hungarian court's decision was deemed as denial of justice,“ JCA journal, No.721 (July 2017) ・Co-author, “Training on International Arbitration, including internship programs at arbitral organizations abroad,” Horitsu-no-hiroba, (July 2017) ・Co-author, “U. Contracts: Basic Principles and Practice” Lexis Nexis Japan Co., Ltd.

(2016) ・“Practice at The Kuala Lumpur Regional Centre for Arbitration (KLRCA),” The Lawyers, (December 2016) ・“Case 1478: Japan: Tokyo District Court, Azabu Building Company Ltd.

Just as the three Indochinese states established diplomatic relations with Japan on their own terms, encouraged by the United States with Cold War considerations to the fore, France looked to the future in its relations with Japan, putting aside a host of acrimonious wartime claims and recriminations.

On the other hand, Japan sought to expand its political, economic, and commercial links with the three Indochinese states, while also entering into a commercial relationship with the DRV, under the formula of “separating politics from economics.” But Tokyo neither recognized the DRV nor provided reparations.

He also has experiences in trademark, copyright and unfair competition litigation.

In the field of insolvency, he handled the corporate reorganization cases of Japan Airlines, Azabu, Tsuchiura, Riccar, Maruko, Muramoto Construction and Hokke Club as the trustee or the deputy trustee and handled liquidation case of Yamaichi Real Estate as the trustee in bankruptcy.

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But even prior to the French invention of the State of Vietnam in 1949, France made claims upon Japan for war damages and reparations, as well as for unpaid loans and debts.

,” Yearbook on International Investment Law & Policy 2010-2011 (2011) ・Co-author, “Learning from Azabu Building: Recognition of and Assistance for Foreign Insolvency Proceedings and International Concurrent Bankruptcy Cases,” Jigyosaisei to Saiken Kanri , No.

127 (2010) ・“Iceland: Studies from Bankruptcy of Big Three Banks and Their Liquidation Procedure,” Jigyosaisei to Saiken Kanri, No.

He filed the corporate reorganization cases for the debtors including Japan Leasing, Life, Daiichi Hotel, Chiyoda Mutual Life Insurance and Kyoei Life Insurance.

Also, in the civil rehabilitation of the Sogo group, he was in charge of the overseas operation.

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