11 dns updating

I have a powershell script that updates records and i can just update this on demand, i have been able to get he VPG to now fail over and get past the script pre or post configuration, but again i think i can just stick with the script w/out any pre or post failover.

One thing i have been thinking is “if” i were to integrate a post script to update DNS and i was doing a “test” i wouldn’t want that script to run right, since i will still have the Prod Side online and the test failover is just a test.

Dynamic update permits more than the simple addition and deletion of records. Nearly all ISPs assign addresses to dialup and cable modem customers using DHCP.To keep up, DNS needed to support the dynamic addition and deletion of records.By default, all computers register records based on their fully qualified domain name (FQDN).The primary full computer name, an FQDN, is based on the primary DNS suffix of a computer,appended to its computer name.

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